Security Officers

At Vardis Security, our primary purpose is to provide a safe a secure environment, and ensure people, property and assets are protected.

Our highly trained and licensed security professionals can be deployed on site and provide a highly effective physical presence which helps to deter crime and mitigate risks. We recruit the most conscientious and able professionals and maintain our quality through rigorous training and recruitment process.


Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols are a highly effective deterrent in protecting premises and preventing theft. All mobile patrols are carried out in clearly marked vehicles, using strategically devised routes, in a random fashion in order to prevent observers working a predictable pattern.

Our mobile patrols are also a valuable asset to alert officers to the threat of fire, flood and other damaging incidents that may affect your premises.


Our security officers can act as keyholders for your business premises or your household property, and will ensure that your keys are secured on your site. Our officers are on-call to grant access to visitors, and close-up the property should you request it. In the event of an alarm activation, the closest patrol officer will be dispatched to handle the situation.


Alarm Response

Vardis Security provide a 24/7, 365 days a year response service. Should your alarm go off, we will dispatch the closest patrol vehicle with a trained security officer to you premises to investigate the causes of the activation. If necessary, the officer will call emergency services and remain at the premises until it is safe and secure.

Our Security Officers are trained to effectively deal with these situations and ensure the safety of your property.

Gate Management

Our Security Officers are trained to man gates and doors and handle construction sites specific requirements. Our gate management service helps improve the flow of traffic for busy sites. Our officers are trained to control various types of premises and grant access to staff and visitors.


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